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fall of the media for eleanor_lavish
stock | things that go bump in the night
preromantics wrote in aiholidaybash

Title: fall of the media
Recipient: eleanor_lavish
Pairing: Kris/Adam
Rating: R
Wordcount: ~3700
Summary: Kris tries to figure things out. Somewhat AU. 
Notes: This is not the Starfleet AU of doom it intended to be -- well, this exactly never intended to be that, this is different and has stupid boys in love and some UST and silliness and I hope you like it, <333 I'm totally writing the Starfleet AU too, damn it, and it's also for you but my brain is way more awesome than my typing skills on that one. Happy Holidays bb, more to come at some point!

EW: Kris, you've taken a slight break from the spotlight and now you are going to start recording. How did you spend your downtime?
Kris: The tour was very demanding, [laughs], so it was nice to just be at home and not have to do something every day. I went on vacation and started writing some more songs, working over the phone with producers and things like that. Mostly I slept a lot.

EW: That's good to hear, you definitely deserved the rest. How ready are you to record, is the album pretty much done? Any collaborations we can know about?
Kris: Thanks, it was nice. Yeah, the album is, well, pretty done. I wrote most of it but I worked with some great people and friends on some as well. I don't want to name names or anything, but there will be some pretty interesting stuff. I'm just about to fly out to the studio in San Francisco, actually.

Airports are Kris' least favorite thing. That and chocolate covered raisins. At three in the morning San Francisco International Airport is relatively dead; enough, at least that no one notices him and the TSA guards are friendly and joking instead of harried and aggressive.

He walks unaccompanied down to baggage claim, footsteps echoing past barred-off stores and empty ticket lines with half-asleep attendants that barely look up when he passes them. There are a few people down by the claim, cradling coffee and cell phones, loud around the low-ceilinged room.

Kris spent most of the plane ride trying to not think about the up-coming weeks, going over arrangements and chords in his head and then switching his phone on airport mode so he could read stored text messages, 'see you at SFO, redeye' and 'cant wait to see you!' He especially didn't think about those.

He feels the hand on his shoulder, first, before he registers the voice and turns to find Adam, standing close but hunched, knit cap on his head and ridiculous sunglasses tipping over the bridge of his nose.

"Hey, you," Adam says, squeezing where his hand is resting and grinning, stretched long and bright.

Kris feels momentarily caught, smiling and a little tight all over before he relaxes, pulling Adam into a hug. Something hot presses into the back of his shirt and he pulls back quick with a grimace.

Adam laughs at him, "Sorry, sorry," before Kris sees the cup of coffee in his hands. "Here," he says, handing Kris the cup, "you drink this before you start drooling and I'll get your bags."

Kris is too tired and thankful to protest following Adam in a fog until they are out at his car, the beginning strains of a beautiful sunrise cresting the horizon.

"So," Adam says as they duck into their respective sides, (Kris feeling vaguely lost by the passenger side, opposite of where everything usually is from being in the driver's side,) "did you actually book a hotel or are you going to come take advantage of my generous hospitality and awesome apartment?" He grins, quick, and Kris takes a sip of the last of his coffee, trying to look indifferent.

"You know how much I like lumpy couches," he finally settles on, looking straight past the dash as Adam pulls out of the garage. He doesn't look over at Adam until they've hit the highway, but Adam meets his eyes just like he'd been waiting too, and steps harder on the gas, grinning. 


USA Today Exclusive: American Idol Alumni: Back in the Studio
... And what of the previous American Idol winner and runner up? Adam Lamberts's sophomore stint
in-studio has yet to see the light of day, citing producing issues amidst rumors of problems with the label. Adam himself has yet to publicly comment on the issue, although he has reassured both press and fans alike that the highly-anticipated album is still forthcoming.

Winner Kris Allen, however, is just about to enter the studio. Coming off of a self-quoted, "deserved" three month break, Allen plans on releasing his album mid-fall season after recording at an undisclosed location in San Francisco under the watchful eye of his Idol parents and recording label, 19e. Critics are at least still hopeful that both Lambert and Allen will beat out this season's un-impressive and over-marketed Robbie West's Billboard Chart Hot 100 debut at number #84 ...

See related articles: Idol's Lambert Talks Image, Idol, and More... |AI Season 10: America's Guilty Pleasure Gears Up Once Again; lacking judge... | Crticsand Parents Alike Cry Out! American Idol Tour is too... | C-List Celebrities: Relationships in Trouble


Adam's couch isn't lumpy, nor does Kris have to sleep on it.

"What time is your call tomorrow?" Adam asks after Kris' bags have been sufficiently settled in the guest room with it's warm, inviting bed, and oh how Kris wants to sleep.

Kris yawns around his words for a second, leaning back against the doorframe. "Not until three, I think."

"That gives us about 8 hours of sleep, then."

Kris nods, itching to jump into the bed, sleep alone and spread out.

"So," Adam says, fingers splayed against his thighs, and Kris is struck with a sudden weight, watching him rock back and forth and not knowing what to say.

"I'm gonna -- " he starts, moving out into the space of the room.

Adam smiles, passing him to leave, and turns in the doorframe, "Get some sleep, maybe I'll make pancakes for your ass tomorrow."

Kris really likes pancakes.


RyanSeacrest: Don't miss @krisallen on the show today. Great weather here in LA
about 2 hours ago from TweetGenius

RyanSeacrest: About to start interview with @krisallen... glad to be taller than someone. @adamlambert is here too
about 1 hour ago from web

RyanSeacrest: Great show and nice to see those guys. And yes, they are still good friends.
14 minutes ago from TweetGenius


Interviews are never fun, but it's almost nice after all the downtime Kris has had in the past few months. He tries to explain it to Adam as they duck out of the radio studio, how it's almost exciting again but Adam just grimaces at him.

"I used to like it," he says, flipping down his sunglasses (glaringly orange today, Gucci, and Kris can't help but like them even though his own simple Raybans are as designer as he gets,) "but they all still ask about the same things, my album and my sexuality. It's obnoxious even after all this time."

"Your sunglasses are obnoxious," Kris laughs, rocking his shoulder into Adam's. One of the handlers that is escorting them out laughs and Kris feels slightly victorious at his own wit. 

Adam is quick, reaching and grabbing at Kris’ glasses, swapping them for his own and only narrowly missing Kris’ eye. Kris squints at the change in light, everything going a little more hazy, the sunlight turning more golden everywhere.

Kris rolls his shoulders, goes with it, and slips into Adam’s awaiting Mustang, body molding into the seat, Adam revving the engine just because he can. 


>TMZ Exclusive: American Idol Champ is Hanging with SF’s Favorite Gay Again
Kris Allen and Adam Lambert were spotted today after a radio appearance with "Idol" host and fluffer Ryan Seacrest dining together (sans bodyguards) at San Fran lunch spot, Espetus. The boys looked close, helping along rumors of an album collaboration and maybe rumors of something else. We're still wondering which picks up the tab in this situation. Dutch treat? And what other treats are in store for the pair?

(Picture after the break.)


They go out to lunch, very casual at Espetus back in the city, close enough to Adam's apartment that they drive the car back and walk down. A waiter recognizes Adam but not Kris, which is nice, although Kris realizes that their lunch dates must always look weird, sitting alone eating and laughing, smiling at each other -- the waiter doesn't notice or mind though, and flirts obviously with Adam, much to Kris' amusement.

"What?" Adam asks when the waiter goes away and Kris just sips his ice water with a smirk, crunching a chunk in his teeth.

Adam leans back in his chair, "It's not my fault I'm irresistible."

Kris coughs into his glass, "You mean egotistical, right?"

Frowning playfully, Adam pauses to think about it, finally shrugging. "That too, yes."

The food is nice, very basic American cuisine that Kris can appreciate (and pronounce.) In the background they are playing Bobby Darren and Adam is tapping his feet along to the melody, knocking Kris' knee every time he get's particularly into it. It’s nice, comfortable. The denim of Kris’ jeans starts to burn, a little, where Adam keeps
knocking into it in tempo.

"How's home?" Adam asks over dessert. The amount of talking they both do is strange, almost. They've almost exhausted every topic except this and Kris hasn't been exactly looking forward to it.

He scratches his neck, "Good, okay." It's a short answer, and Adam frowns.

"And Katy?"

Kris swallows, shoveling a too-big bite of sorbet into his mouth. It's too-cold too-quick and Adam is too busy laughing at the subsequent faces he makes to continue their discussion.

It's dark when they finally leave, the sky still streaked with red-gold and the streets busy. Kris is still tired from the red eye the nights before, blames that on the fact his body leans close into Adam's just for the solid warmth.


Despite tired bones, Kris finds it hard to sleep. The bed in Adam's guestroom is as comfortable as his one back home, and contains pretty much the same amount of warmth he's been experiencing for a while now, too. Studio recording starts tomorrow, and yeah, Kris is a little nervous about it. Idol and his first album prepared him well for the ins-and-outs it all, enough so that the nervous edge is dull, barely there. He can't sleep for other reasons, though, the same that have been bothering him for a while now.

Adam finds him in the kitchen, late at night. Or, rather, early in the morning. He's sleep tousled and Kris is reminded of rooming with him at the mansion, back in hotel rooms and on a small, cramped tour bus; the way he had separated night-Adam from day-Adam. Night-Adam being the softer version, hair tousled and donning loose,
hanging clothes. The only difference now is the size of the kitchen they find themselves in, and the fact that Kris didn't have to creep softly out of the room as to not disturb him.

Kris startles, a little, when Adam pads in. Says the first thing he can think of, "Couldn't figure out your coffee machine," and looks down at his hands.

Adam heads right to the machine, reaching over to briefly place a hand on the side of Kris' neck. He shivers, slight.

"I think we should talk," Adam says, heavy with sleep but also with concern. It's comforting to hear and Kris lets the words roll down his spine for a second.

He rolls the empty coffee mug in front of him between his fingers. It scrapes on the table, porcelain and wood. “Yeah,” he says, finally, “later.”

Adam accepts it, nodding, and the coffee machine clicks on with a little steam-hiss.

Rolling Stone: American Idol Winner Kris Allen Talks About Forthcoming Album, Doesn’t Make Us Any More Excited

Web Exclusive:
We sat down with last years ‘American Idol’ winner, Kris Allen, to get his take on his dramatically pushed-back sophomore album. “It  was a personal decision,” Allen says, on the topic of the           much later than expected release, “I had a great start but ended up needing more time, personally and musically, to work some stuff out after touring.”

On what to expect from the album Allen is mostly tight-lipped, “It’s ordered noticeably track-wise on my own personal journey as of late. The beginning is definitely a lot lighter, lyrically and musically, but that’s all I can really say, right now.” He seems uneasy while we talk to him in the studio, and later chops it up to wanting to get back in the booth and finish recording.

“It’s really great to be back, recording,” he comments at the close of our less-than-inspiring interview, “and I don’t care if I’m fading into obscurity or -- whatever else they’ve been saying about me, because I’m making music than means something to me, right now, and maybe it’ll mean something to some other people, too.”

We can only hope the same.

Back in the beginning of touring, everything was easier. Kris had plans, a nice little plot for his life both career and family wise, except as the tour went on everything got more and more blurry, started changing and leaving certain aspects out. One of those aspects was definitely family -- of course, his mom and dad were always cool with him forgetting to call, maybe forgetting a cousin’s birthday (who could blame him) but Katy wasn’t as accepting.

It got to a point, quiet and drawn out, that the end of the last tour almost surprised Kris, because he was so wrapped up in the many directions his once carefully laid plans had taken, and all the sudden part of it ended.

He ended up having a mini-crisis. Family or career, and chose family. Just for a little while.

He’s still not sure that he made the right decision. Katy, for all intents and purposes, was certain enough for the both of them in the end.

“Go, stay with him,” she had said, something reserved about it, but something secretly pleased as well, something in her eyes.

“That’s not going to --” Kris had started, but she cut him off with a kiss, lingering and soft at the corner of his mouth.

“Write an album, too,” she said, grinning, “with love songs.”


Kris does full days at the studio, back to back, twelve hours or sometimes more, longer than even the production staff is willing to stay. San Francisco is even more welcoming at night than it is in the day time, sometimes just crisp feeling, air in his lungs that burns a little, and Kris walks to Adam’s apartment more often than he doesn’t.

Adam catches up with him, finally, one night when Kris walks home almost early, tracking halfway done. It’s a painful process, since he’s got all the material from months ago and the new material, and the balance is hard to find.

“Sit,” Adam says, when Kris gets to the kitchen. There is take-out food on the table, (although Kris is pretty sure it’s just leftover from the other night, and doesn’t actually care.)

“Kris,” Adam says, once Kris is settled in a chair, already rolling his butter knife between two fingers, the stainless steel matte and heavy.

“Adam,” Kris says back, uneasy. Adam is still standing and the take-out boxes are propped open on their metal wires but are out of reach.

Adam sits, the chair scrapes on the tile of his kitchen floor when he pulls it out. “Katy called me, today,” he says, after a pause. “She wanted to know how you were doing.”

Kris makes a noise, a sort of confirmation, leaving room for Adam to continue.

“She wanted to know if --” Adam falters, his lips twisting up into a sort of bastardized grin.

It rushes up sort of painfully, a little hysterically -- late night conversations with Katy that seemed more like he was talking to a best friend rather than his wife, working out feeling about someone else -- the realization of it all, that that’s what they were; friends, family; not lovers, not anymore -- that rings and the photographs on their mantle were memories and comforts, that --

“Kris,” Adam says.


… it’s not ‘From Justin to Kelly’ to be sure, but the rumor mill is running stronger than we’ve seen from an American Idol scandal since that stripper episode with Cowell.

At this point we’re not sure which surprised us the least, but we know which will blow up faster.

But let’s not get into their sex life just yet. …


It’s nothing delicate, really, there is nothing sweet and tender. No prom-night, back-of-the-rental-car, hoisting-up-of-skirts.

“You’re so stupid,” Adam says, somewhere around Kris’ shoulder, rich and dark, teeth grinding down.

Kris presses fingers into the wall behind him, tries to grab for the door to the bedroom, finding the corner of the molding and grabbing, pulling them across and around.

"You never --" Kris says, but he's mostly beyond words, which is probably indeed stupid, that the grit of Adam's teeth and the press of his handsskinbody would get him like this, fast -- moments of everything flashing and rushing and --

"Not slow," Adam says, "Kris."

The bed is high and Kris jumps, feels the landing all through his body, Adam toppling over on top of him, pants off one -- both -- of them. 

"Crazy," Kris says, mostly into Adam's face, probably mostly not a word because it's two years, more, piled on top of touches and thoughts and Kris' own hand wrapped around himself in a guilty hot sticky way and now a hand around Adam. "Adam."

When Kris' back arches it cracks, it feels like breaking stress and feels like fire down his spine, racing. 

"Waited for you," Adam says -- he keeps saying, mindless, endless things Kris drinks like everything else. Too fast for memorization but enough for chords, strings on the guitar and words for lyrics, a rushing beat. 

"I know," Kris tells him, somewhere between it all, closed eyes and slick with sweat and the weight of Adam and the weight of wanting. 

It all feels too much like burning and the roughness of air down Kris' throat tastes like Adam and finally and yes


TMZ: So Much For Lambert’s Scene Being All About The Nightlife

Back with pictures after the break of another one of Lambert’s now-daily domestic jaunts with the former American Idol, this time looking closer than ever while picking out produce at a farmer's market and grabbing dinner along the water. 

We're just waiting for the hand-holding goodness.


Adam ducks into a cafe and emerges with two cups of coffee and some roasted nuts, "Seattle's Best," Adam says, reading the cup and laughing, "I bet that cafe won't last long here."

Kris reaches over with his free hand to grab some almonds, biting through the center of one with his teeth, satisfied at the split in his mouth. 

"I like it here," Kris says after a while of them walking down the street, water on one side and a line of shops on the other, warm light filtering outward and mixing with the yellow-blue of mis-matched streetlamps, glowing eco-friendly every few. 

Adam sips his coffee. His arm brushes Kris every time they take a step in stride. 

"I could live here," Kris continues, "I like the air." He glances at Adam, at his sort of crazy hair, blue-black in the light of the night, "I like the people."

Adam grins at him sidelong. "You'll just have to move here," he says, pausing, "We'll have to find you an apartment."

Kris falters in a step on the pavement momentarily and his shoulder stops brushing Adam's with every footfall. "An apartment, yeah," he says, coffee feeling grainy and heavy at the back of his throat. 

Adam hums a little; Kris recognizes it as one of the half-formed songs he'd been figuring out in the morning, picturing the way Adam's crisp sheets clung to his hips and the press of a hand along his back, hands down his sides and lips on his neck, all over. 

"Or you could just -- You're already practically." Adam cuts short, turning down a side street and laughing in a way that keeps Kris' breath caught up in his chest. 

Adam turns and the light is dimmer where he's standing. "My apartment is big enough for the both of us," he says, looking mostly between Kris' face and the storefront behind him, "and it's felt more like home than ever with you there."

It's more of an invitation than Kris could hope for. He reaches for the bag of nuts in Adam's hand, runs his thumb along Adam's knuckles and pops a macademia into his mouth. "Yeah," he says, "I think that might be nice."

Adam knocks into his shoulder. "I offer you my couch and now look how that's turned out," he grins, "I'll have to be careful around you, Allen, who knows what you'll take next."

Kris bares his teeth in what he hopes is an evil fashion, "I'm after your heart," he says, dramatic, but wants to swallow the words right after he says them, because --

"You're on the right track," Adam says, soft and suddenly serious. 

Kris feels the edges of his mouth playing into a grin and turns up the street to lead the way home. 


EW: So you've been quite busy in the last few months. Care to give us a summary?
Adam Lambert: Recording went really great after some inital touch-and-go issues, definitely. I'm really excited for the reviews the album has been getting and the reactions. We're planning a tour right now -- the costumes are f--king crazy, the choreography, everything. I'm pretty fantastic coming off these last few months. 

EW: You beat out the last season of 'Idol's' winner by a long shot with this attempt and surpassed your debut album number's, so that's got to feel pretty good. You also beat out your season's winner, Kris Allen again. How'd he take that?
AL: The numbers were unexpected but amazing, yeah. Kris took it well, although I sleep with one eye open just in case. 

EW: You both live together now --
AL: He's more like hired help, you know. [laughs.] He does an excellent bed turn-down service though. I'm trying to get him to put mints on the pillows but he complains that he'll eventually end up forgetting they are there and they'll melt in his hair.   

I really liked this! It felt very believable, thanks for sharing. :)

This made me smile so big!!!!!

:D :D Thank you! I'm glad.

Enjoyed your fic - love Kradam:)

OMGGGGG, I love this so much! Thank you!!!!

Firstly, UST is so happy-making. The slow build to something, the way things aren't ever stated outright, not until the end, like neither of them wants to break this spell (which is stupid because they're clearly so in love omg). And I love your Katy in this, and the description of how she's more like family now, like his best friend. And you used a writing technique that I ADORE but don't think I mentioned - the fake gossip pieces, the twitters, all of them always seem to make a story feel more real to me, for some reason, an they were so much fun! I love how the whole world was speculating on them even before they were at that place. (Um, kind of like now, I suppose!)

This was grand, and fun and snarky and excellently cool, and I loved it. (And I will love a Star Trek AU too, omgggggg, you are a sekrit tease!)

Heeee, I'm glad you liked it! I ANGSTED FOREVER OVER WRITING WHAT I WANTED TO. I wrote about four versions of a Star Trek AU, settled on one and then it got crazy and I realized I wouldn't be able to finish it, so I pulled this one out from one existing scene I already had. I'm glad you liked it, eeep.


I love the whole feel of this, and the whole subtlety of their transition, of Kris's growing realization about what things are becoming and have already become. I also love stories that include those little media snippets, so this was totally my thing. I just really, really enjoyed it.

Heee, thanks loads! Glad you enjoyed it.

I loved this. I feel like I've read the first section before, somewhere--that lumpy couch part sounded familiar--and I remember getting that, "Damn, I wish there were more" feeling. Lo and behold, there IS more now! And it was wonderful. I liked the the quiet domesticity of it. There's something about the way that you portray their relationship, they way they just are, that's appealing to me. There doesn't always have to be angst and fireworks, you know? (Though I love those too). Thanks for sharing.

Yes, I posted the first section as a drabble once, when I thought I'd never go back to this but I was glad to get the chance to finish it. I'm glad you enjoy it and their relationship! Thanks!

Oooh, this was just wonderful! I always love it when someone uses the fake articles and twitters and such, it's always really cool to see how people do that (I especially liked how you included the related articles part in one - very clever, and very like RL)! Loved the whole slow-build of it, and then at the end this part was just awww:

Kris bares his teeth in what he hopes is an evil fashion, "I'm after your heart," he says, dramatic, but wants to swallow the words right after he says them, because --

"You're on the right track," Adam says, soft and suddenly serious.

Kris feels the edges of his mouth playing into a grin and turns up the street to lead the way home.

Made me grin like a fool at this, because it's so cute and so them! :) ♥

I love that sort of fic too, so I was happy to explore it a bit here. Thank you! :D

Love the ust and how it wasn't overly explained but just there. The snippets of "news" was like a third party looking in on their relationship but skewed. Excellent all around. Awesome!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it. :)

in total agreement with all the previous comments. the pace of this just feels good and right!

This is awesome. I love how understated it is. Really wonderful.

<3 Thank you! It was fun to write.

Oh my god, I was all warm and fuzzy reading this. ♥
I really love this. Spectacular! ♥
Oh and you did put in a lot of hard work into this - the snippets and all. (:

Edited at 2010-01-04 06:13 am (UTC)

Heee, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you! The snippets were the best part to write but they were hell to code on my phone, heh. <3

This is sweet! I love how the media snippets play into the story. Well done <3

Oh, this is so sweet. I love the way you wrote around the edges of the real story, like you were sort of shading it in. Very cool.

Aww, thank you! Glad you liked it and the way it fit together. :)

I really enjoyed this and the style you wrote it in. The flow was fantastic and it just blended perfectly. Great job!

I enjoy this style as well, although I find it a bit self-indulgent to write (media!kink, ahoy!) but thanks lots! :)

Sweet and adorable. I love the sense of realism the article excerpts added.

Epically late comment back, but thank you!

I really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing.

Super late comment, but thank you!

I love the very end... the very subtle clue that they're sharing a bed, not just an apartment. Nice touch!

Epically late comment back, but thank you -- I'm glad that came across! :)

Love! And this:

Kris bares his teeth in what he hopes is an evil fashion, "I'm after your heart," he says, dramatic, but wants to swallow the words right after he says them, because --

"You're on the right track," Adam says, soft and suddenly serious.

My heart melted :)

Aw, thank you! /latelate comment

You're terrific writer. I think it's somealot AU, but I'm hopeful!

Hah, I was just referring to the events that led up to it as AU, but it's somealot AU, definitely. Thank you! /late comment

This was fun! I really liked how you worked in the interviews and articles, especially that last one. Too cute!

Thanks -- I loved writing them! :D Sorry for the super late comment back.

That was awesome! The interviews and blog articles were an original touch, really liked how you did that.

I know I'm kinda late and don't know how I missed this first time around, but I just spotted this in a reclist and gave it a try... very glad I did :) :)

Sorry for the late comment, but thank you! :)

I absolutely loved this.
Thank you for sharing :-)

Late comment, but thank you, I'm glad! :D

seriously one of the best fics I've read in the fandom so far.

Wow, thank you! It was fun to write. :)


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